Suhba and Dhikr: Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

In this short suhba, originally recorded January 16, 2016, in South Pasadena, California, I speak on several important topics related to the discovery of one’s divine destiny and the realization of our spiritual potential, particularly in the current age and era.

Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

Suhba: Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

Upon the spiritual path towards discovering one’s divine destiny, it is vital to maintain a living connection with a lineage of teachers that can trace the flow of knowledge and light back to the blessed Prophet ﷺ.

In the purpose of the realization of one’s divine destiny, the very gift of Islam is the noble Prophet ﷺ himself, who but sought to lead human beings to their true selves and potential, and to a real and living connection with the Divine Presence of the Almighty.

The goal of Islam is unity and oneness, and this can be also stated as love, for it is love that is the dissolution of that which separates, the dissolving of all that is false. Fundamental in the path of self-discovery and the awakening to one’s divine destiny is the transcendence of ego-consciousness, and it is precisely towards this illuminated state the the holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ sought to guide and lead humanity.

Original and classical Islamic culture likewise but sought to serve this noble and divine purpose, the realization of divine destiny, and as Muslims we must rediscover the light and beauty of Islamic culture and civilization. An Islamic Renaissance, more than ever, is now necessary.

In participating in a renaissance of light and spirituality, awakening and enlightenment, we as Muslims must embrace personal responsibility. The embracing of divine destiny necessitates becoming the very reality of Islam through the realization and experience of the state of Islam, a state of internal peace, tranquility, serenity and harmony with all-that-is and with divine will as it manifests in the present moment.

It is with the mercy and grace of the Eternal, Allah Almighty, that we have to this very day the Prophetic example, without which, the realization of one’s noblest divine destiny is not possible.


For the benefit of those who could not attend physically, and who may not have access to a local dhikr circle in their area, we are providing these recordings so as to facilitate connection and community.

These audio tracks are best experienced with a pair of good quality headphones. It is also suggested that you listen when you have an opportunity to relax, close your eyes, and visualize yourself present in the circle of dhikr. Being in a state of ritual purity, or wudu, if possible is also recommended.

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